a. Roll Call
b. Pledge of Allegiance offered by Commissioner Kehoe


Members of the public are invited to address the Commission at this time regarding any item that is not scheduled for discussion as part of this agenda, and that are within the jurisdiction of LAFCO. Comments may be limited to three (3) minutes per person. No action will be taken by the Commission at this meeting as a result of items presented at this time.

a. Additions/Changes to the Agenda* Chair/Counsel

*Note: Only the following additions/changes are permitted: (1) To change the order of noticed agenda items, (2) determine to continue or not consider a noticed agenda item, or (3) Discussion/Action on an item not appearing on the posted agenda if a defined statutory emergency situation is determined to exist by a majority vote of the legislative body (GC 56954.2(b)(1) and GC 54956.5)

b. Business/Campaign Conflict Disclosures**

**Note: Government C ode Section 84608 requires that a Commissioner (regular or alternate) disqualify herself or himself and not participate in a proceeding involving an “entitlement for use” application if, within the last twelve (12) months, the Commissioner has received $250.00 or more in business or campaign contributions from an applicant, an agent of an applicant, or any financially interested person who actively supports or opposes a decision on the matter. A LAFCO decision approving a proposal (e.g., for an annexation) will often be an “entitlement for use” within the meaning of Section 84308. Sphere of Influence determinations are exempt under Government Code Section 84308. If you are an applicant or an agent of an applicant on such a matter to be heard by the Commission and you have made business or campaign contributions totaling $250.00 or more to any Commissioner in the past twelve (12) months, Section 84308(d) requires that you disclose that fact for the official record of the proceeding. The disclosure of any such contribution (including the amount of the contribution and the name of the recipient Commissioner) must be made either 1) in writing and delivered to the Secretary of the Commission prior to the hearing on the matter, or 2) By oral declaration made at the time the hearing on the matter is opened.


5. CONSENT CALENDAR (Government Coded 56857)
a. Approval of minutes
1) September 4, 2014 Meeting

b. Financial Status Report
1) Budget v. Actual
2) Financial Statement
3) Balance Sheet

c. Notice of new applications/Status of pending applications (Information only-No action)
1) #2012-03 – Mayers Memorial HD/Annexation #1; (circulated to agencies)
2) #2013-03 – Mountain Gate CSD/Union School Road Reorganization (pending completion of Property Tax Exchange agreements)
3) #2013-04 – Deschutes Reorganization (on 9/11/2014 applicant requested LAFCO delay filing notice of completion; project in abeyance, awaiting submittal of final documents and fees)
4) #2014-01 – Shasta CSD/Foxwood #2 Reorganization received 07/10/2014 (under initial CEQA review; circulated to agencies)
5) #2014-02 – Burney WD/Highmark Annexation received 07/15/2014 (under initial CEQA review; circulated to agencies)

6. Payment of Claims FY 2013-2014
a. Consulting Services Claims
1) 2012-03 Annexation No. 1 (Mayers Memorial Healthcare District)
2) 2014-01 Shasta CSD Reorganization; 100% consent (Foxwood No. 2)
3) 2014-02 Burney Water District Annexation; 100% consent (Highmark)

7. Correspondence (information/discussion only)
a. Jim Underwood, LAFCO Counsel: re Item 3.a. of the Agenda
b. CSDA Publication
c. Centerville Community Services District
d. Tucker Oaks Water District
e. City of Anderson
f.  City of Shasta Lake
g. Record Searchlight re CSA #2 – Sugarloaf
h. CALAFCO Annual Business Meeting
i. CALAFCO Nominations for CALAFCO Board Election 10

Please Note: Only those issues which are brought up at the public hearing described in this agenda or in written correspondence delivered to the LAFCO Commissioners at or prior to the hearing, may be raised in any legal challenge to the actions taken by the Commission.

a. Executive Officer Summary
1) Published notice of hearings
2) Hearings scheduled for this meeting

b. Continued Hearings:
1) City of Shasta Lake (scheduled for November 6th)
2) Centerville Community Services District (scheduled for November 6th)

c. SOI/MSR Update Hearings:
1) Tucker Oaks Water District (Request for amendment to report)
2) Burney Water District (new), Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit E, Exhibit F, Exhibit G, Exhibit H, Exhibit I, Exhibit J
3) Burney Fire Protection District (new), Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D
4) Mayers Memorial Healthcare District (new), Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit E, Exhibit F, Exhibit G, Exhibit H, Exhibit I

9. NEW BUSINESS: Miscellaneous non-project or Commission initiated matters
a. Building Rental Agreement Renewal Due November 2014 (Discussion only)

a. Continued, non-hearing related matters (Possible Action): None

b. Commission Committee Reports (information):
1) Fiscal Committee Report
2) Executive Committee Report
3) Discussion re alternates attending committee meetings in lieu of regular committee member (Commissioner Kehoe requested discussion and possible action)
4) Next Committee Meetings Scheduled for October 20, 2014 @ Shasta LAFCO offices (Fiscal @ 10:00 a.m.; Executive @ 3:00 p.m.)

a. Administrative & Operations

b. Master MSR/SOI Study Update

a. Items:
1) Pursuant to GC Section 54956.9(c): Pending Litigation (Briggs et al.v.Shasta LAFCO), per GC Section 54956.9(d).
2) Pursuant to GC Section 54956.9(c): Potential Litigation (one matter)
3) Pursuant to GC Section 54956.9(c): Potential Litigation (one matter)
4) Pursuant to GC Section 54954(b)(1): Executive Officer performance review

b. Announcement of reportable actions, if any.


a. Conferences, meetings, and events of interest to Commissioners:
1) CALAFCO Annual Conference, October 14-17, 2014 (Morgan/Lopez attending)

b. Next Meeting: November 6th at the Shasta County Board of Supervisors’ Chambers

c. Future proposed agenda items:
1) Continuation of MSR/SOI reviews anticipated for November:
 Continued Hearings:
• City of Shasta Lake SOI Update (continued from 09/04/14)
• Centerville Community Services District SOI Update (continued from 09/04/14)
 SOI/MSR Update Hearings:
• Shasta Lake Fire Protection District (to correct SOI boundary)
• Clear Creek Community Services District (New)
• City of Redding (New)
• Bella Vista Water District (New)
• Buckeye Fire Protection District (New)
• Fall River Valley Coordinated FRV Service Area (New)

2) Presentation of applications as they mature to hearing stage.



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