Commissioner & Staff


Executive Officer: Krystle Heaney AICP – Email
Senior Advisor: George Williamson AICP – Email
General Counsel: James M. Underwood


County Representatives:
Commissioner Patrick Jones, Commissioner Tim Garman, Alternate Commissioner Mary Rickert

City Representatives:
Commissioner Janice Powell (Shasta Lake), Commissioner Tenessa Audette (Redding), Alternate Commissioner Stan Neutze (Anderson)

Special District Representatives:
Commissioner – Fred Ryness Vice-Chair (Seat 1), Commissioner Ronnean Lund (Seat 2), Alternate Commissioner Rosemary Smith

Public Member Representatives:
Commissioner Larry Russell (Chair), Alternate Commissioner Michael Spencer

The composition of Shasta LAFCO as prescribed in Section 56325 of the LAFCO statute is summarized as follows: Two regular members and one alternate appointed by and from the board of supervisors; two regular members and one alternate selected by the cities in the county, appointed by the city selection committee; two regular members and one alternate from the legislative bodies of independent special districts; one regular member and one alternate representing the general public, appointed by the other members of the Commission.

Pursuant to Section 56334 of the LAFCO statute, the term of office of each member of Shasta LAFCO shall be four years and until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor. Effective in January, 2003 the expiration date of the term of office of each member shall be the last Monday in January in the year in which the term of the member expires unless this Commission exercises its statutory authority to specify an alternate expiration date which shall be uniformly applied to all members; provided, however, that the length of a term of office shall not be extended more than once.  Any vacancy in the membership of the commission shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the body that originally appointed the member whose office has become vacant.