Shasta LAFCO’s adopted policy establishing a schedule of fees and charges provides that an application for initiation of proceedings shall be accompanied by a check made payable to “Shasta LAFCO” in the amount commensurate with the proposal type identified in the Deposit and Fee Schedule.

Prior to issuing the Certificate of Completion, the State Board of Equalization Fee must be submitted to LAFCO. The applicant shall also submit a check made payable to the “State Board of Equalization” in an amount calculated from the current State Board of Equalization Schedule of Processing Fees.

Shasta LAFCO’s fee resolution also provides that the applicant shall reimburse LAFCO for any and all additional costs incurred which are over and above the cost computed in the base filing fee, said additional costs to be documented by LAFCO staff, and the total amount thereof to be reimbursed to LAFCO prior to issuance of the Certificate of Completion.

Deposit and Fee Schedule

Resolution Approving Fee Schedule


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